First steps to a bigger world. 

Commander Alsad surveyed he abandoned outpost in front of him.  Nothing, not a damn thing. IMTel had suggested that Algoryn forces were in this area, and IMTel was never wrong.  He glanced up at the spotter drone hovering to his right and shook his head.  This time there must have been a mistake.  Alsad was about to relay this back to IMTel and withdraw when he was interrupted by a flash of energy, and a scream over the commlinks.  The comms net burst into life.  “Enemy forces sighted, we are under attack!” Commander Alsad quickly gathered his thoughts and barked out orders. “Engage and destroy, leave no Algoryn standing!”

Last night I played my first game of Beyond the Gates of Antares.  I have to say that I am very impressed.  I love how the game flows, with plenty of options, tactics and ideas to keep the players focused on the game at hand.

The game we played was a simple 500 point affair, the task was simple too eliminate the enemy force.  With no objectives or majorly advanced rules to think about, this was perfect for my first game as it let me focus on learning basic rules and seeing how the turn sequences work.

 I quickly got my head around what was going on and picked up the rules quickly.

I had a great night and can’t wait for my next game.  I am sure that my force will grow too!

My thanks to House Lancaster gaming and Sam. 


When the snowman brings the snow……

Finally got my first squad finished! The old eyes are still just about working. Really like how they look, I wasn’t too sure after the first test figure if I’m honest. As a unit however, I really like how the colours tie together. 
Another unit of 7, Command team and X-launcher support to do then that’s my first 500 points. Then I can get sone games in.

 I am really liking the miniatures from Warlord Games.  The plastics are lovely to build and paint with loads of character.  I have a back story for the army in my head, at some stage I’ll get it down on paper (or tablet!)

These figures were painted with the new range of Games Workshop paints.  These are a massive improvement on the old stuff.  It has been a long long time since I used GW stuff, having decided on Vallejo.  The expanded GW colour range and quality of product has very much impressed. 

First step down a slippery path

I did say I was itching to get painting…. after nearly 2 years I managed to wield the hairy sticks before. The figure was part of the Xilos Horizon box I won on egobay, and thus was undercoated in a bone colour. The last few pictures show base colour with an ink wash. The first ones are the completed miniature. I’m not 100% on the basing, I might tweak it and add some more too it as I think it looks a bit bland. Im happy with the scheme and considering I can’t find my glasses, I don’t think it looks too bad. Comments please. 

As you can see I am going for snow and ice themed bases.  Once complete these will really tie the army together. Only another 40 or so figures to paint now!

Saturday night’s alright (for fighting) 

Thought I’d finally get around to working out the size of my Concord C3 army, and take some photos!

The army currently consists of :-

  • Strike Trooper Command
  • 7 x 5 man Strike Trooper squads.  Armed with a Plasma Lance each and a Spotter Drone
  • Support Drone
  • 2 x light Combat Drones
  • Medium Combat Drone
  • Transport Drone
  • X-Launcher Team 

Current points total for the army stands at 1470 points.

I do plan on expanding the force to include all the options from the current C3 army list, so I will have plenty of options to choose from. 

Part of today’s plan was to actually get things undercoated, but sadly it has just been damp and cold here so anything involving spray paint was out of the question.  When I finally get round to painting I think I will be sticking to a “Space Wolf” style scheme and basing the miniatures with a winter theme.

I am really itching to get these painted…. I also have quite a few more drones to assemble too. So the army total will be even greater.  That said, I want to get these finished first.  The writing bug also appears to have hit me, so I’ll be drafting up a bit of background fiction for this force too! 

Reinforcements arrive!

A bit of an early finish today so finally I have had chance to tackle the metal miniatures from Warlord.  Nice easy miniatures to build and good quality casts too.  Very little cleaning was required.

Hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow and I can actually get some stuff undercoated ready for painting.  I am itching to give the hairy sticks a run out! 

I have also managed to pick up a copy of the Xilos Horizon box set so I have lots more C3 Strike troops too.  Really looking forward to painting and actually playing something. 

Beyond The Gates of Antares

This is the post excerpt.

I have been a Wargamer for far too many years to remember and have decided on many occasions that I was coming away from the hobby.  This, however is one of those hobbies that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go!

After seeing the models for Gates of Antares and talking to friends I have decided to leap back into the hobby by purchasing the new Gates of Antares starter box and Core Rulebook. 

The rules look very streamlined and good fun. As for the models.  Wow.  

Finally I have got round to building a couple of units of Concord Strike Troops. More will follow as I paint and build the army.  And who knows, I may even get round to gaming too. 

The plastics from Warlord Games are really nice and build well. I’m looking forward to painting these.