First steps to a bigger world. 

Commander Alsad surveyed he abandoned outpost in front of him.  Nothing, not a damn thing. IMTel had suggested that Algoryn forces were in this area, and IMTel was never wrong.  He glanced up at the spotter drone hovering to his right and shook his head.  This time there must have been a mistake.  Alsad was about to relay this back to IMTel and withdraw when he was interrupted by a flash of energy, and a scream over the commlinks.  The comms net burst into life.  “Enemy forces sighted, we are under attack!” Commander Alsad quickly gathered his thoughts and barked out orders. “Engage and destroy, leave no Algoryn standing!”

Last night I played my first game of Beyond the Gates of Antares.  I have to say that I am very impressed.  I love how the game flows, with plenty of options, tactics and ideas to keep the players focused on the game at hand.

The game we played was a simple 500 point affair, the task was simple too eliminate the enemy force.  With no objectives or majorly advanced rules to think about, this was perfect for my first game as it let me focus on learning basic rules and seeing how the turn sequences work.

 I quickly got my head around what was going on and picked up the rules quickly.

I had a great night and can’t wait for my next game.  I am sure that my force will grow too!

My thanks to House Lancaster gaming and Sam. 


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