When the snowman brings the snow……

Finally got my first squad finished! The old eyes are still just about working. Really like how they look, I wasn’t too sure after the first test figure if I’m honest. As a unit however, I really like how the colours tie together. 
Another unit of 7, Command team and X-launcher support to do then that’s my first 500 points. Then I can get sone games in.

 I am really liking the miniatures from Warlord Games.  The plastics are lovely to build and paint with loads of character.  I have a back story for the army in my head, at some stage I’ll get it down on paper (or tablet!)

These figures were painted with the new range of Games Workshop paints.  These are a massive improvement on the old stuff.  It has been a long long time since I used GW stuff, having decided on Vallejo.  The expanded GW colour range and quality of product has very much impressed. 


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