Saturday night’s alright (for fighting) 

Thought I’d finally get around to working out the size of my Concord C3 army, and take some photos!

The army currently consists of :-

  • Strike Trooper Command
  • 7 x 5 man Strike Trooper squads.  Armed with a Plasma Lance each and a Spotter Drone
  • Support Drone
  • 2 x light Combat Drones
  • Medium Combat Drone
  • Transport Drone
  • X-Launcher Team 

Current points total for the army stands at 1470 points.

I do plan on expanding the force to include all the options from the current C3 army list, so I will have plenty of options to choose from. 

Part of today’s plan was to actually get things undercoated, but sadly it has just been damp and cold here so anything involving spray paint was out of the question.  When I finally get round to painting I think I will be sticking to a “Space Wolf” style scheme and basing the miniatures with a winter theme.

I am really itching to get these painted…. I also have quite a few more drones to assemble too. So the army total will be even greater.  That said, I want to get these finished first.  The writing bug also appears to have hit me, so I’ll be drafting up a bit of background fiction for this force too! 


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